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PlayMais is - a corn based children’s craft material which sticks together by just dabbing on a cloth dampened with water.  It can be cut by using a sawing action with a plastic serrated picnic knife, or safety scissors.  PlayMais will stick to itself, paper, card, glass, cotton fabric and maybe other things too!  It can be used to make pictures or 3D models – big projects or the smallest detailed models you can imagine.  There are seven ‘Extraline’ titles to choose from and collect, each with press-out card pieces which slot together to make the base structures.  No glue is required.  The kits are best suited to 6 years upward due to the dexterity required but are CE marked for 3+.

100% Natural – PlayMais is made from Maize and dyed with natural food colouring.

100% Sustainable – there is no waste  - see our PlayMais Eco-cycle!

100% Biodegradable – even the boxes! Just compost the lot!

The Extraline range box dimensions are – 280 x 293 x 97mm

The M box dimensions are – 193 x 140 x 73mm, and contains approx. 100 pieces.

There are two books to choose from – Cards Book – A4, and Animal Book – A5.

The Extraline titles to choose from are –

African Jungle, Animal Farm, Castle Box, Circus Box, Fantasy House, Pirate Box, and Sea World.

E-mail  sales@playmais.co.uk